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We know we just sent out a Tech Tip, but we let Computer Science Week sneak up on us. When I first read about the activities, I thought that the Hour of Code idea might not be of interest to many learners or be too daunting, but please believe me you have to take a look and see the beginner tutorial! Not that it is appropriate for all level of adult learners, but with some support I can see some good listening practice with the videos and instructions as well as opportunities for group work, as well as some good fun with games. 
Steve Quann

Share any comments, your experience using this activity or any suggested variations you have (particularly using other technologies).  


Kaye Beall
12/17/2013 12:45pm

LOL…thinking about writing my first computer program. We used punch cards that were fed into a mainframe computer to see if we did it right. Then lots of trips back to put in new batches until you got it right. And, it took an hour to get the results. Okay, I’m ancient. It was 40 years ago.

12/18/2013 9:30am

I did the Hour of Code with my adult computer literacy class and it was very successful! We did the CodeHS tutorial where the students wrote code to program a dog to move and complete tasks. I made career connections by comparing programming the dog's movements to designing video games (moving a player across a screen) or programming the movements of a manufacturing robotic arm. The students really took to the activity and liked that they could see that computer did exactly what their code told it to do, and they could instantly see the result of changes to their code. My students never really knew before what the job of a computer programmer was like, and now they have a better understanding of that career field. I would definitely do this again with my computer literacy students!

Steve Quann
01/06/2014 4:57pm

So glad to hear that it worked so well as an activity, Tiffany, but you also accomplished its other goal of more awareness of STEM careers.


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